Programme Components

Induction Training

Motivating young faculty members to bring out their best in academics, research and extension would lead to the overall improvement of the quality of Higher Education. New  faculty members lack experience but could possess tremendous talent and potential.  Many of these young faculty members hold advanced degrees and possess good track record in research.

Need Based Training Programme 

Equipping faculty members with relevant skills to become effective teachers and mentors in the digital age is the major objective of need based training programmes.  This is not mandatory in nature and offered to faculty members showing interest only. Training programmes for developing communication skills, IT Skills and personality of faculty members are included in this component of the programme.

Short term Training Programme

Short duration (5-10 days) subject based training offered by the programme in reputed national institutions such as IITs , IIMs, EFLU, IIIT, ISEC and IISc  help faculty members to keep themselves updated on the latest academic trends.  


FLAIR Internships

One month internship is the most advanced training of the Programme that is offered to selected faculty members for exposing faculty members to best practices in higher education in national/international institutions. Internships follow the gurukul model of mentoring where the trainees get work shadowing opportunities with experienced Professors/Researchers working in reputed higher education institutions.


FLAIR For Research

FLAIR for research is intended to promote a research culture in the Colleges/Universities of Kerala. Motivating faculty members to carry out research in interdisciplinary areas relevant to the society is the major objective of this scheme. As part of this faculty members involved in research get opportunities to present papers in national/international conferences, work for short periods in reputed institutions/laboratories and also become eligible for Excellence awards.